Welcome to Landscape Depot.

Located in Fayetteville, GA, Landscape Depot is a distributor and manufacturer of erosion control, landscape, and environmental products. We offer a variety of erosion control blankets, landscaping and stabilization fabrics, hydroseeding supplies, “floc” logs and polymers, silt fence materials and supplies, tree protection fencing and supplies, seeds for temporary and permanent vegetation, fertilizers, pine straw, wheat straw, and more.

About US

Landscape Depot was founded in 1997 in Brooks, GA. Originally housed in a 1200 square foot pole barn, our dedication to superior service has quickly moved us into a position of leadership in the erosion control supply industry. Read more…

Our Services

Landscape Depot is a small locally owned business whose edge is its attentive customer service. We pride ourselves on our top quality products. Read more…

Our Products

Landscape Depot’s extensive line of products and manufacturing capabilities set Landscape Depot, Inc. apart. Domestic and international business partners insure that we have exactly what you need to complete your project. Read more…


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