Silt Fencing

Silt Fencing

Landscape Depot, Inc. manufacturers a full line of silt fence from contractor grade to fences meeting DOT requirements.

Check with your local regulations and we will meet your construction needs.

Georgia’s Type C system

This addition to Georgia’s approved silt fence options has redefined traditional silt fence ideologies and techniques. The fabric used is a woven mono filament material with a polypropylene securely sewn to the fabric. With this process, the fabric and the screen become one product. Combining the support system with the fabric decreases product and installation cost of traditional wire fence-supported fence. We are also a manufacturer of a variety of silt fences used in both commercial and DOT Jobs. Click here for more info


Landscape Depot, Inc. has a full line of woven and nonwoven silt fence fabrics to meet a wide variety of state specifications and application requirements. Federal and DOT fabrics are in stock along with hardwood stakes, steel t-posts, and wire fence and geotextile-grid for support.


Landscape Depot custom manufactures and assembles any type of silt fence according to your job and DOT requirements. All of our economy, commercial, and DOT grade fabrics come in 24”, 36”, and 42”. Silt fence can be made with any fabric size, stake and either 4, 6, 8, or 10 ft on center.

Fence Wire

Field Fence (twisted)

6.4” x 12” x 330’

8” x 12” x 330’

Welded Wire Fencing

2” x 4” x 36” x 100’ – 14 gauge

2” x 4” x 48” x 100’ – 14 gauge

We carry a full line of other sizes and gauges.

Metal T Post

4’ & 5’ x 1.25 lbs. or .85 lbs. raw

Silt Fence Custom Printing

Landscape Depot, Inc. can logo your silt fence with your name and phone number, or logo, or anything you want on it. Cheap Advertising!

Safety Fence







Tree Protection Fence is a versatile barrier consisting of wide orange horizontal bands, giving high visibility for a wide range of applications. The material is lightweight and economical, yet tough enough to ensure a long life of normal use.

Guardian is a lightweight visual barrier suited for use around construction sites or in crowd-control applications. A highly noticeable barrier with oval mesh openings, Guardian is UV protected.