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Georgia’s Type C alternative silt fence or C-System is a unique silt fence system designed as an alternative to Type C Silt Fence (steel posts with wire reinforcement).



This silt fence system is designed to be used as a temporary sediment barrier structure for use in  areas where:

  • Runoff flows or velocities are particularly high.
  • Slopes exceed a vertical height of 10 feet.
  • Other situations where high performance erosion control is warranted.

* Also approved for use with steel fence posts.


This sediment barrier system combines high flow, GA D.O.T & GSWCC approved, sediment retention fabric, sewn together with a heavy duty, high performance polypropylene reinforcement grid. The posts are pre-attached to the reinforced fabric four feet apart by a specially designed staple pattern. The posts consist of a hard wood stake measuring no less than four feet in length by 13/4” by 17/8”. The fabric and the reinforcement grid, bound together, are thirty six inches in height and designed to be trenched into the ground together, up to six inches.



A six inch trench is dug where silt fence is to be placed.  The posts are driven into the ground at a depth that allows the first marker line on the fabric to reach the top of the trench, or ground level.  This should place the fabric six inches into the ground or trench. Continue to drive all of the posts to the same depth keeping fabric stretched and tight.  Back fill the trench with remaining soil.